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Introducing the e-RUNNER 10kw MID: Power and Precision in One Package

Looking for an electric bike that combines raw power with precise control? Look no further than the e-RUNNER 10kw MID. This e-bike is built to deliver an exhilarating ride while maintaining the utmost in handling and performance.

Tech Specs:

  • Motor: A beastly 10kw motor, packing a punch with 330NM of torque.

  • Battery Options: Choose between the 40Ah or the high-capacity 75Ah battery for extended rides.

  • Speed Demon: Reach speeds of up to 60mph, letting you zip through city streets or cruise down country roads with ease.

  • Middrive System: The MID (Middrive) system offers optimal weight distribution and handling, giving you a smooth and controlled ride.

  • Powerful Controller: With a 150A far drive controller, you have the power at your fingertips to customize your ride experience.

  • Braking Confidence: Equipped with 220mm ventilated brakes, you can trust the e-RUNNER to stop on a dime, even at high speeds.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker craving speed or a commuter looking for a reliable and efficient ride, the e-RUNNER 10kw MID has you covered. Experience the perfect blend of power, performance, and precision in this cutting-edge electric bike.

Get ready to redefine your ride with the e-RUNNER 10kw MID.

Check full specs here

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