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Unleashing the Beast: Upgrading our e-RUNNER from 150A to 200A with Sabvoton

Ready for an e-RUNNER eBike upgrade that will take your rides to the next level? If you've been enjoying your electric bicycle but crave a bit more power and performance, it might be time to consider upgrading your controller from the 150A to the mighty 200A Sabvoton controller.

The Power Boost: Going from 150A to 200A

Upgrading from a 150A to a 200A Sabvoton controller is like unleashing the beast within your eBike. With the 200A controller, you're increasing the current flow, which translates to more power being delivered to your motor. This means you'll experience a significant boost in acceleration, torque, and overall speed.

Why Upgrade?

So, why make the switch? Imagine conquering steeper hills effortlessly, accelerating like a pro, and cruising at exhilarating speeds. The 200A controller opens up a world of possibilities for those who crave a more thrilling and powerful eBike experience. It's the perfect upgrade for riders looking to take their electric rides to the extreme.

Battery Compatibility: Ensuring the Right Power Source

Before you embark on this upgrade journey, it's crucial to ensure that your battery pack can handle the increased current demand. The 200A controller requires a battery pack with a higher current rating to fully utilize its capabilities. Make sure your battery can provide the necessary voltage and current for your upgraded controller.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power Upgrade

Upgrading your eBike from a 150A to a 200A Sabvoton controller is an exciting step towards a more exhilarating ride. With increased power, speed, and torque, you'll conquer hills and trails with newfound confidence. Just remember to check your battery compatibility. Once you've completed the upgrade, get ready to experience the full potential of your electric beast on wheels.

Our update:

6kwW e-RUNNER from 100A to 150A Sabvoton

8-12kW e-RUNNER from 150A to 200A Sabwoton

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