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e-RUNNER Gen.2

Bike goes 90% assembled in one (1) box. 

Assembling MANUAL

If you want to save an additional $99, select the option at checkout. The bike will be delivered in four (4) boxes, with 70% assembly completed. You can find instructions on how to complete the assembly here:: 4BOXES

Financing by KLARNA at checkout



All sales and a special model are available exclusively in our APP.

Every e-RUNNER has:

1. Colorful display with USB to charge your phone

Colorful display

2. Automatic electric pedal assist.

This innovation works seamlessly alongside throttle mode, providing you with the ultimate e-bike experience. Here's how it works:

In throttle mode, you have full control to power your e-bike using the throttle. Meanwhile, the Automatic Electric Pedal Assist (PAS) lies in sleep mode, waiting for your signal. When you stop using the throttle and start pedaling, the PAS activates automatically, and the motor springs to life, giving you the extra boost you need.

It's like having your own intelligent assistant, anticipating your movements and providing support at just the right time. This intuitive system ensures a smooth and efficient ride, enhancing your cycling journey like never before. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and enjoy the effortless transition between throttle and pedal-assist modes.

With our Automatic Electric Pedal Assist, you'll experience a harmonious blend of power and control, allowing you to navigate any terrain with ease and confidence. Embrace the future of e-biking and discover the true meaning of a personalized, exhilarating ride.

electric PAS

3. Front and tail lights. The front LED light features both low and high beam, while the tail light includes integrated turn signals.

Front light
Tail light

4. Sine wave programmable Sabvoton controllersWe use a range of 150 to 200A. To begin, you'll need to download the IOS or Android app on your phone. Each ebike comes equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect it to the controller. Once connected, you can program your ebike according to your preferences and customize it just the way you want.

sabvoton 200A

5. For e-RUNNER models, we exclusively utilize QS motors ranging from 6kW to 12kW, with torque ratings spanning from 182 to 350MN. These motors offer an exhilarating and powerful experience, providing speeds from 50 to 75MPH. Get ready for some serious FUN!

Motor with logo
e-RUNNER Premium
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