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Hey rider. 

On our web you can find only powerful ebikes.


e-RUNNER  Gen.2 models:

We use only QS motors for our ebikes (6, 8 or 12 kW) with torque from 182 to 300NM. It would give you max speed from 50 to 75MPH. Our motors work together with SABVOTON controllers (100-150A depends on a motor). We already added to each motor correct controller. Every controller could be programmed by you (more info you will find in section MANUALS). Dual front brake.

e-RUNNER has 2 options: electric pedal assist and half throttle mode. Modes work together. 

in section "EXTRAS" additionally you can order:

SPEED LIMITER - extra button on a handle bar to extra limit max speed to 28mph (class 3) or 20mph (class 2). Ebike  could be limited only with one speed. 


If you have additional questions:

email -

cell - +1.407.815.75.15


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Eric T., e-RUNNER 12kw

I was between 12kw and 8kw. But decided to go with 12kW (87mph did it). 
It was smooth process to wait. I got updates every 2 weeks from Goev. If I had any question I would chance to call or write to company and they reply fast - best service. 
Now I ride my bike and happy. I already reached about 80mph but still been waiting to reach max speed. It's Fast you have to have experience in riding such a fast bike. 
Thank you Goev team! I'm happy!

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