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  1. Key points

1.1. The warranty period for the GoEV e-RUNNER models is twelve months from the date of bike delivered.

1.2. The company guarantees that your battery pack will have a capacity of at least 70% of its original capacity for a minimum of 1000 charge cycles or two years, whichever comes first. Battery has 1(one) year warranty

1.3. The warranty only covers defective materials and workmanship.


 2. Warranty conditions

2.1. The warranty is effective from the date of bike delivered and will expire at the end of the applicable warranty period/out of warranty.

2.2. In the event of a complaint, the Company undertakes to provide the necessary components to remedy the complaint. If the case falls under the definition of a warranty case, the Company, at its own expense and on its own, will provide the Buyer with spare parts necessary to restore the bike to working capacity.

2.3. To determine the cause of the failure, the Buyer undertakes to send photo and video materials that will help the Company determine the cause of the failure. After verification, the Company will send the Buyer the spare parts, as well as instructions for their installation.

2.4. If upon receipt of the bike you notice damage to the packaging, we recommend that you make an unpacking video.


 3. Warranty restrictions

The warranty does not cover:

3.1. Defects and breakdowns associated with improper / negligent / inappropriate use, as well as improper / insufficient maintenance of the bike.

3.3. Natural wear and tear on the bike and paint fading caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV).

3.4. External influences, mainly falling stones, collisions, accidents, bike falls and other external events with direct external impact of mechanical influences.

3.5. Intentional and/or malicious acts, theft and robbery, and acts of God and/or malicious acts.

3.6. Damage in transit, power surges, use of an unsuitable charger, water damage.

3.7. Replacement / additional installation of parts and components of the bike not agreed with the Company during the warranty period.

3.8. Tires, tubes, rims, spokes, brake pads, brake discs, drive belt, grips, key batteries, mirrors, footrest, saddle and pedals are not covered by the warranty.


4.1 MOTOR - 1(one) year. 

4.2 BATTERY - 1 (one) year. 

4.3 CONTROLLER - 1 (one) year. 

4.4 Display and Lights - 1 (one) month. 

4.5 Wires, brake pads - no cover. 


If you have any questions or problems with the bike, please contact us at: or

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