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The Buyer agrees to purchase products on the website on the following conditions:
1. The purchase price and basic purchase conditions are indicated on the Site. The price includes the cost of the goods and their delivery to the seaport in the Buyer's country.

2. Payment of import duties, taxes and additional charges shall be borne by the Buyer himself and cannot be transferred for payment to the Seller. The buyer must have an import license if required by the import regulations of his / her country. If the Buyer does not have an import license, he/she can find a local brokerage agency to assist with the customs clearance procedure.

3. The buyer, as a consumer, has the right to claim a refund under the terms of the Refund Policy.

4. The goods ordered by the Buyer on the Site are sent after the Seller receives the full payment for the cost of the goods.

5. In everything that is not provided for in this Agreement, the Seller and the Buyer are guided by legal regulations.

7. The warranty period begins upon receipt by the purchaser.

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