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Hey rider. 

Here you could find more information about parts our enduro-ebikes have. 


Gen.2 vs Gen.1

Gen.2 options:

We are happy to introduce our all new model e-RUNNER X with 7 main upgrades. The POWER of motor: 6, 8 and 12KW by QS MOTORS with torque up to 350Nm!!!

New features bike has:

1. Double front brakes Tektro HD-E 745 with parking lever.

2. DNM USD- 8S front fork to fill more safety in pair with tail brake Tektro HD-E 740 .

3. Rear shock - DNM RCP-2S


















Tektro HD-E_745_auriga_1.jpg
Colorful monitor.png
speed limit button RED.JPG

4. Colorful display with USB. 

5. Speed Limiter. Button on a handle bar to limit your ebike to 20MPH (CLASS 2). Easy to use (red button) - just switch to 20MPH mode and after back to unlimited mode. 

6. Automatic electric pedal assist. Work together with throttle mode. You throttle your ebike - PAS in sleep mode. You stop throttle your ebike and start pedalling it automatically turns on and motor starts helping you.

dnm_rcp_2s_1 (2).jpg

Gen.1 options:

KKE front fork product description: 

weight:about 3.8kg / piece 
Dropout: 150mm 
Length: 203mm 
Axle: 15mm/AL 7075 


Lights product description: 

e-RUNNER and e-RUNNER Gen.2 have front and tail lights in stock. Front led light and tail with integrated turns


12 magnet PAS sensor

e-RUNNER has electric pedal assist. You can start pedal and motor would start helping you. All electric, no need to use pedals as regular bicycle has 



e-RUNNER models have only Sabvoton controllers.

We use from 100 to 150A.   You'll need to get IOS or Android APP on your phone. Every ebike goes with BlueTooth which could be connected to controller. After you can program your ebike like you want 



For e-RUNNER models we use only QS motors 6, 8 or 12kW with torque from 182 to 350MN. It's FUN, powerful and good speed (from 55 to 75MPH)

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