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How to make off-road vehicle street legal?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Many people ask us how to legalize their off-road vehicle in the USA. Thanks to the special service Dirt Legal, everyone can do it.

The process is as simple as these steps:

1. Place your order online on our street legal service page here. 2. Fill out your vehicle info on the form that comes up after making the payment. 3. We will mail paperwork with the instructions within 1 business day. 4. Sign/notarize forms and send them back with your vehicle documents and copy of your photo ID. 5. Wait 2-3 weeks for your license plate to arrive in the mail. (Allow 5-8 weeks if your vehicle is financed) 6. Enjoy your ride. 7. Renew the license plate yearly on our website here. ($60/year on average)

Full details are listed on our street legal dirt bike page, but give us a call at (800) 994-7513 ext 2 if you have any final questions before getting started.


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