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e-RUNNER Premium Gen.2 vs Special

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

  1. BRAKES:

The e-RUNNER Premium Gen.2 is equipped with DOUBLE front brakes (unique feature), the Tektro HD-E 745 + parking lever, along with a tail brake Tektro HD-E 740. On the other hand,

the e-RUNNER Special is equipped with upgraded front & tail TEKTRO HD-500 brakes with added larger, heavy-duty 203mm disc in front for greater safety and shorter braking distances.


The e-RUNNER Premium Gen.2 boasts a colorful display with USB connectivity, providing a visually appealing and convenient user interface. In contrast,

the e-RUNNER Special is equipped with a monochrome SW900 display, offering essential information with a straightforward design.


For enhanced safety, the e-RUNNER Premium Gen.2 comes with a DNM USD-8S front fork, providing additional stability and performance.

Meanwhile, the e-RUNNER Special features KKE forks, delivering reliable functionality for a smooth riding experience.

You can find more information about the differences HERE.

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