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Hi Rider. Goev happy to announce first ever GIVEAWAY. We'd love to send bike for free for a person who will win this GIVEAWAY.


  1. When you purchase a chance pack*, you will receive one entry into the draw. If you buy three or more chance packs, your chances will increase proportionally with the number of packs purchased.

  2. To acquire additional chance packs, simply make additional purchases as needed.

  3. Following your purchase, you will receive an official confirmation of the number of chance packs you've bought at the email address you provided.

  4. The giveaway is scheduled for December 24, 2023 (estimated time).

  5. If, by this date, the total number of purchased chance packs is less than 1000, we will continue to accept applications, and the giveaway will commence once the required threshold is reached.

  6. The draw will be conducted using an independent platform to ensure fairness and maximum transparency.

1. e-RUNNER 8kw 65mph Special with 220mm disk brake
2. Controller 200A Sabvoton
3. Battery 45Ah Li-ion
4. Both saddles moto + regular
5. Colorful display + speed limiter + fenders. 
6. Color and wheel sizes will be your option to choose. 

e-RUNNER 8kw

Goev Inc GIVEAWAY 2023

  • 1x chance

    Valid for 6 months
  • 3x chance

    Valid for 6 months

* Once purchased, the amount is non-refundable.

Payment gives the right to participate in the draw and is a confirmation of receiving the bike at no additional cost in case your chance turned out to be winning.

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